Upcoming Events

Stewardship Month

Every year at this time we renew the commitment of our time, talents, treasures, and resources for another year.


Pray about sharing of your time because it is much needed in the ministry at Trinity: volunteer to help read the scriptures, usher, join Wings or Twist, greet on Sunday morning, or help with the many outreach programs.

Talent (Gifts)

Now more than ever your talent and gifts are needed. Sing in the choirs, teach Sunday school, adult Bible study leader, and/or participate in outreach programs.


Please pray about sharing your financial resources.


Who you know and what you know are important as well, helping to reach out and create opportunities in programs, organizations, and leaders to reach out to our hurting communities.

Be sure your on our email list to receive the Wednesday devotions! – trinityev@sbcglobal.net

Virtually through this pandemic

Please join us in our Virtual Adult Bible Study and Virtual Sunday School as we continue to grow in our faith together.

Postponed until further notice.

W.I.N.G.S (Women in God’s Service)

This new Women’s Ministry meets every third Monday of each month

Next meeting:


This ministry will reach out to the Clawson community and beyond to those in need.